This week has been rather busy in sequences "kitchen" and yummy dishes shared between friends. These are the best moments of my week: good food, candles, beautiful lights, good music, good stories and good friends ... what could be better?
I think the good times depend on a few things, and the kitchen is one of those things that make the good times. With good food you are sure that the mood is guaranteed, that sharing is ensured and that feels good. And this is what I like, what I like in the kitchen, as many people.


I made ​​an apple pie, the best in the world because it's my mom recipe (yes, I know my judgment is not very objective :)
As I had too much pastry, I took the opportunity to make these little cookies with cookie cutters shaped Hippo! I find them truly original and it changes the stars and hearts that we see everywhere... Like cookies were only made ​​with pastry, we ate it with plum jam (home made ​​with plums from the garden, nothing better !) And confit lemon (I will bring you the very recipe shortly). It was very good with tea !         


For a light meal with a salad and fruit, I cooked these biscuits appetizer with olives, very quick and easy to do ! If I remember correctly, I think it's a Mediterranean recipe, perhaps Greek. 

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